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UBS: Future of Finance Competition

UBS has named Capital Preferences one of the top 12 fintech innovators - earning this coveted spot by competing in the UBS Future of Finance competition with over 600 applicants.

The Economist: But I Get Up Again

No employees are paid until the shutdown ends—even those who continue to slog. Therein lies one threat to the economy: reduced spending.

Ars Technica: The elite don’t hand out resources like the rest of us

Economic inequality in the US, UK, and other developed nations has drawn attention to the attitudes and behaviours of the elite, as those who are educated in the top universities are likely...

Slate: Why Income Inequality Isn’t Going Anywhere

Shachar Kariv, Chief Scientist of Capital Preferences, LTD, shows that "even when they self-identify as progressive Democrats, 'elite' Americans value equality less highly than their middle-class compatriots."

Poor profiling stands between wealth managers and their digital ambitions 

Wealth managers who continue to rely on unscientific psychology-based profiling techniques leave their business open to process, advice and regulatory risks.

Citywire: Could game theory solve the suitability conundrum?

‘Our goal is to improve advice globally and help people make better decisions. We think we can be a significant asset to the advisers of the world...'

Money Management: Current risk profiling fails clients

We met with Jason Spits to discuss the current climate of investor risk profiling, and the risks associated with the wide-spread methods used today.

The Atlantic: How Government Workers Pinch Pennies During Shutdowns

Shachar Kariv's research on consumption smoothing by government workers during the 2013 shutdown has been discussed by Gillian B. White in The Atlantic.

Bloomberg View: Chicago? M.I.T.? Nope, Berkeley’s on Top

Chief Scientist, Professor Shachar Kariv, the chair of the Economics department at UC Berkeley - recently named as the top Economics department in the world.

PLANSPONSOR: Behavioral Finance Q&A with Shachar Kariv – Part 2

Shachar Kariv was recently interviewed by John Manganaro at Plan Sponsor regarding his research in Behavioral Finance, Q&A with Shachar Kariv – Part 2