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The Science

Our research team's breakthrough work in Revealed Preferences is transforming how the financial industry understands and serves clients.

Rigorous. Precise. Revelatory.

Understanding client preferences is science, not art.

Our scientific methods can be applied to all essential areas of understanding clients.

Our research team's mission is to unlock how and why clients make decisions with their money, so you can be more relevant and serve them better.

Capital Preferences

Introducing the Economic Fingerprint™

Capital Preferences has implemented decades of internationally acclaimed and validated Decision Science and Behavioral Economics research to calculate an investor’s Economic Fingerprint™.

The Economic Fingerprint includes an investor’s Risk Tolerance, Loss Aversion, and Economic Rationality, unlocking suitability and personalization in the portfolio selection process.

An investor’s Economic Fingerprint can be combined with their risk capacity and risk required to create a holistic risk profile.

Capital Preferences

Do you swear by your science? We swear by ours.

Shachar Kariv, PhD

Benjamin N. Ward Professor of Economics


Co-Founder, Capital Preferences

He has also served as the Chair of the Economics Department at the University of California, Berkeley - recognized as one of the world's most impactful and influential economics institutions.

Shachar is widely regarded as the top decision theorist and game theorist in the world.

Capital Preferences

Dan Silverman, PhD

Rondthaler Family Professor of Economics


Co-founder, Capital Preferences (not currently active)

He is a micro-economist whose research blends economic theory and econometrics to study how public and private policies influence decision-making.

His work levers ‘big data’ and novel blends of surveys and experiments to gain insights into the quality of spending and saving choices, especially in the years leading up to and after retirement.

Capital Preferences

The Science, explained.


Empower your advisors to win the advice moments that matter.

Consistently. Systematically.

Capital Preferences


Is your advice journey failing women?

Engage couples equitably to boost retention and win held-away assets.

Capital Preferences

Help your clients make purposeful decisions with their money.