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Capital Preferences one of top Fintech innovators

UBS Names Capital Preferences One of Top 12 Global Fintech Innovators

UBS has named Capital Preferences one of the top 12 fintech innovators. Capital Preferences earned this coveted spot by competing in the UBS Future of Finance competition with over 600 applicants, with vetting through a 3 month process including heated full-day competitions in NY, London, Singapore and Zurich.

Capital Preferences uses economics and game theory to produce a consumer’s Economic Fingerprint™ that allows investment firms to better understand its clients. Each client receives a series of preference scores that reveal a client’s true preferences for risk, loss, time and social decisions. These preferences are the drivers of financial decision making and wealth accumulation. Capital Preferences leads the next generation of decision analytics for financial services firms by offering client profiling, compliance and portfolio recommendation solutions that replace inefficient and unreliable questionnaires and mapping methodologies scattered across investment, insurance and credit businesses within global consumer finance.

“With one unified platform based in science covering profiling, product recommendations and advice compliance – management, regulators and advice givers gain the confidence that comes from truly knowing their client” says co-Founder, Shachar Kariv, Chief Scientist and Chair of the Economics Department at University of California Berkeley.

“The industry, including regulators, knows that client profiling is a major area of weakness for most advice firms because it lacks any scientific underpinning – we are solving that once and for all” says Co-Founder and CEO Bernard Del Rey. “The demand for our technology and patent pending methods is from all sides of the industry and from bespoke private banks in Switzerland, regulators looking at emerging regulatory solutions, to large scale consumer credit players in the US and Australia. UBS recognized the potential of our technology and we look forward to the global finals in Zurich on December 10th”

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